Crazy planet

Crazy planet is developed by Playfish. This is a very interesting game. You can choose a team of your friend that helps you to fight with wild robots. In this game you can get gems by defeating robots and metals by visiting your friends. You can advance your tools and can also buy new ones. You will have your own planet adorned by science research; it will have brain in jars and confined robots. As you complete a mission many other science fictions themes become unlocked by gaining coins. After completing mission you also get medals as you can get by killing robots.

On your own planet, there is a metal dispenser that is similar to monitor. When it is shining and three green arrows appears it means that you can get a metal. You can use it once a day, and later you can use it to advance your tools. You can also get metals by clicking on the dispenser of your friends in a day. Player can hide their dispenser and not showing to your friend.

Make a team with your friends who can also play this game because with larger team members you can improve your status and can also unlocked new and advance tools. Player can pick two tools for each team member. Player can choose different type of tools; try to choose highest level of tools. For instance, if you have stage 3 bombs and your friend has stage 5, provide your friend your own tool, and ask him/her for their tools.

To make your mission easy, hit on the place where you want your unit, and your unit will move automatically to the desire place. In every mission your unit will start first, then it will robot’s turn, if a player has another partner then after the robot’s turn that partner will play, in this way your unit and robots will play alternatively throughout the mission.

You have to place your unit in an area which will be safe from enemy’s fire, like below bridges, in clefts and on contrary side of hill in such a way that you can see the entire robot in a series. You can also rotate the planet to see its different views, and during the mission you can receive a message that your friend has been kidnapped. If this happens you will got the message from your friend of ‘HELP’. You will go and escape your friend from enemies. If your friend has killed then you will automatically lose the game.

In the game you can spend your coins to get abilities. These skills are very limited you can use it in few rounds. You must be very alert when using your skills as these abilities cannot be taken into next stage.


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