Importance Of Media

Media is serving mankind from centuries and is considered as boon to human society. It gives an exposure to the whole world from the comfort of our homes. It provides the opportunity of sharing ideas, thoughts, emotions and feelings on wide range of subjects among billion of people across the globe and serve as an important mean of sharing knowledge globally. It is the easiest and inexpensive way of raising our voice against different political and social issues. Media is the simplest way to reach people on the other face of globe to know about their life, culture and ways of living.

With the advancement of technology media becomes the fastest mean to present ourselves, our issues, our interest and our belongings in front of the whole world. Media like television, newspaper, magazines, radio and internet has played a tremendous role in creating awareness among people of all races by providing information from all corners of world. People believe and trust on news presented by media and is trustworthy source to know about every day events across the globe irrespective of location and time. Documentaries, telefilms and soups circling around different social and cultural issues helps in increasing awareness among children and make them able to built positive and productive concerns about society.

Similarly newspaper, apart from providing latest information also enhances our vocabulary. It is the best tool of mounting reading habit in children even in youngsters as well. Media is the most speedy and fastest source of spreading any news, incidents and event happing at any part on the planet. The speedy feature of technology has solved many problems in time of calamity as it report the whole scenario quickly and get people attention within no time.

Media also plays an important role in shaping our culture, beliefs, values, and attitudes in short society as a whole. Contents available over media are persuasive in nature and strongly affect the behavior, attitudes and thoughts of common community and leads toward an educated society. All members of educated society negotiate on different problems with one another and search a solution for all their problems.

Apart from information and knowledge media is the major source of entertainment and offers programs for all age groups. Media is attracting youth by creating eye catching and appealing images for youth and gives them the feeling of real world. Media create awareness among children, regarding education, culture, society, religion in fact about every aspect of life and saves them from indulging in bad companies. It opens and offers so many opportunities for youth in order to choose career for future and shape their personalities to become a responsible citizen and bring good name for their nation.


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